About Vaseline

Vaseline was started in 1870s with the original petroleum jelly by a chemist in United States. Since petroleum jelly has the property to heal different skin issues and damages, it becomes the household brands. The microdroplets of healing Vaseline Jelly contain in all Vaseline Lotion and give you healthy skin.

Vaseline has officially launched in Myanmar in 2017 and introduced wide range of Body Lotions and Original Vaseline Jelly to Myanmar consumers. Vaseline Healthy Bright UV Extra Brightening Lotion with new GlutaGlow™ Technology is the best-selling lotion in Myanmar and it can give 1-shade Brighter Skin within 7-day.

About Vaseline Healing Project

Vaseline’s purpose is to heal everyone’s skin. So that they can participate fully in life. In Myanmar, the Vaseline’s Healing Project was launched in 2019 with the ambition to heal the skin of all ethnicities in Myanmar so that they can participate fully in life. Vaseline will continue providing the accessible skin care for Myanmar people and educating the importance of skin health.