Whole Day Long Lasting Fragrance to Power Up Your beauty!

MM Beauty

24 hrs long lasting fragrance for you by new LUX… 



First thing first, Quiz!! Is there anyone who doesn’t love FRAGRANCE???

I bet NO! Everyone loves fine and luxury fragrance as it is like a pampering treatment for them.

And did you know that our strongest sense is our smell? This would explain why scents are extensively influence our mood and feeling – relaxed, fresh, beautiful, etc. 

That’s why, fragrance has always been the top priority when we choose personal care products. 



Today I have good news just for you… are you gonna believe if I say you can get 24 hrs long lasting fragrance just from a bodywash?

Yes…. there is new Lux for you! A holistic relaunch…

Revolutionary technology in creating every single Lux bodywash packs to proudly offer 24 hrs long lasting fragrance to consumers as the very first and only brand offering in Myanmar. 


A  younger, modern and premium packaging is added value to it and to also differentiate portfolio democratizing trendy fine fragrance terms. 



Can’t miss to highlight Lux purple variant with black orchids and everscent essential oil, its intense fragrance deposits on the skin during the shower and is released slowly throughout the day, giving you 24 hrs long lasting fragrance. And it also smells more and better when it is touched.